Starting Up A Restaurant Business

Introduction and Overview


Starting up a restaurant business can be difficult, much more so than most people think as there are a wide array of things which you need to keep in mind at any given time. Employee attitudes and responsibilities, who is doing what and when and how well, cost efficiency, quality of the food, customer feedback and preference, sanitary rules and regulations, location (as they say, location, location location) and to top it all off, in addition to all of this you still have know what equipment and bar supplies you and your staff will need and plan for what you will need in the future given any planned expansions. All of this can be a bit overwhelming, but with some dedication, a lot of lists and some practice it should not present to much of a difficulty.

Organization is key, so here we will be moving through all of the most basic kinds of equipment needed for running a restaurant section by culinary discipline. So we will first be looking at the kitchen essentials which ever restaurant owner should remember to make room for in his or her budget and from there, move on to the more advanced and niche equipment for more specialized types of cooking.

Refrigeration Units

One of the most important things you will need right out the gate will some kind of refrigeration unit as well as a freezer. This is essential in keeping all of your perishable ingredients fresh and ready for your customers. Some excellent options include units such as the Turbo Air JRF 19 25, J Series Section Dual Temperature Reach In Refrigerator as well as the Beverage Air HBRF 49-1-G 52 Horizon Series Two Section Dual Temperature Reach In such as those found here Webtarauntstore.

But after removing your food from your chosen refrigeration unit you will still want to make sure that it’s temperature is maintained until it can be cook or thawed enough to serve. So next consider adding a food preparation table to your restaurants line-up (food prep for short). Though you might not at first know what a foodkitchen restaurantprep table is you have likely seen them before – indeed if you have ever eaten at a modern deli or buffet then you certainly have. Food prep tables are special sectioned squares which allow food to be stored for long durations of time whilst also making it easy to access. So instead of running all the way to the back of your restaurant whenever someone wants a sandwich you would be able to simply open up the sections of your food prep table and pull out everything you need, olives, meats, cheeses, lettuce and so forth. What is extremely useful about most food prep units is that they are built to self refrigerate, which means once you take your perishables out of the freezer or refrigerator and organize them in your prep unit you no longer have to worry about spoilage. Some good choices for food prep units include, but are not limited to, the Arctic Air (6)-Pan Refrigerated Countertop Prep-Rail, (ACP40) which can be found here Gatorchef.